David Godfrey

Fix Slow IntelliJ IDEA on MAC

I have been working on a JAVA project lately and have been using IntelliJ. The editor is so slow. It doesn’t get too bad until IntelliJ has been open for a while (about an hour). Typing code becomes painful because the IDE can’t keep up and freezes while it tries to do auto-complete. After searching Google for a few hours I was able to update my IntelliJ config with some simple changes that make it ……
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Markdown Base

Sometimes having a markdown file with a bunch of example elements comes in handy. I decided to have headers next to each other and headers followed by paragraphs of text. It helped me get a sense for spacing between different elements. Here is an example #This is an H1 Vivamus auctor condimentum porttitor. Morbi turpis ante, commodo eu aliquet at, posuere non enim. Pellentesque aliquet ornare velit, id mattis lectus finibus quis. Proin non dapibus ……
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Conserve Image Aspect Ratio When Shrinking/Enlarging

I am working on the Day One Publish page http://dayone.me and we want to show a loading animation while the image is downloading and have the image fade in without anything shifting around. I needed a way to take the server dimensions of the image and then resize the loading div to match what the rendered image dimensions will be. Of course, all within a responsive template. After digging through google I came across this ……
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