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About Me

I love solving problems and being challenged at work. I also like interacting with customers, co-workers, designers, and marketing people - they are a hoot! So, if you want someone to sit down, shut up, and crank out code, I am not your guy (thank u, next). I like to be part of the process, involved in the decisions, and express my opinions. To be clear, I have many opinions, but they are loosely held. I love a challenge and the development world changes quickly. I am a hard worker and love to learn new things and do the best I can. I just did a personal project with GraphQL and Apollo and I am in love.

Outside of work, I am not going to live on Github. I'm going to play the piano, hike, or entertain my 3 monsters (who have me tied around their finger). Maybe go to Chick-fil-a. Nobody's perfect.

My Work

Worked for Ancestry on DNA team


My favorite project at Ancestry was a campaign to allow users to create their own 'trade-able' player cards. Built with canvas and the ability to upload to Facebook/Twitter. A blast to build and our users loved it. Other highlights: Improve DNA Homepage load time from 13 to 2 seconds, lead development team to rapidly develop prototypes and get user feedback.

Worked for Ancestry on Communities team

Wealth Counsel

I have done freelance work for Wealth Counsel for 5 years. I have done just about everything from app development, Javascript, MarkLogic, to stunning prototypes (Trust me, they are even more stunning at 2 am). We are working on version 5 of the dashboard! It is going to be the best yet. We are finally busting out of the 90s. It is difficult getting lawyers out of their 30-year-old desktop software.

Worked for Ancestry on Communities team

Deseret Industries Campaign

Web animations are a pain, but very fun at the same time. I was picturing something more like a Pottermore Patronus experience, but with limited time and budget, we still came up with a super fun and engaging site built with Greensock and SVG animations. The campaign ended a while ago, but I still have a copy of it for you to enjoy and throw shade. It's fine, I don't mind ;)

Worked for Ancestry on Communities team

Publish by Day One

They won an Apple design award! I had nothing to do with it, but it looks super good on a resume. Working with this team was such a great experience. I went to Paul's house every week and built many versions of Publish. They know how to stretch the design experience for the web and we built some challenging/fun things with images and Javascript.

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